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01-19-2013, 12:58 PM
I really like the idea of having something new to explore and get back to that Star Trek theme of being "explorers" again. Finding the accolades, seeing new storylines and plots...getting to mess with Madrid again this has been really fun. The boss fight with the Tholians was great, being a sword user, those aliens didnt stand a chance again this swashbuckling little hero =^.^=

But in light of this, I brought back my RP toon, James T. Cat and sent him in there to search as well. You can find a record of his progress on my website. After his assignment on New Romulus, I will be going over past Series and logging them for everyones entertainment. <-- Click here and look for "Caitians Log - New Romulus" :3

This is a new and growing site, I will be updateing it everyweek.