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01-19-2013, 02:15 PM
I really have to wonder how bad this one's going to be. Flat fact now, the best "cruiser" in the game currently is the Tor'kaht, and for free cruisers, the Vor'cha. What I see here is a re-mistake on the order of the Bortasque-beautifully arted, but compared to what we already have on the red team, redundant-I don't think the "Pay version" released after is going to sell very well.

it doesn't have the "manna" of the Ambassador class with that magical name "Enterprise" and an appearance on TNG going for it, and it doesn't fill an empty slot in the line-up that would garner a strong following or wide popularity beyond the novelty of being a new release.

Maybe my gut instinct is outright wrong here-maybe they actually put some thought into it, rather than just kut-n-paste the stats of the Ambassador but with a gimpy shield, hull, and cloak-and of course, the ability to mount Dual Cannons it doesn't hae the turn rate to actually USE. (aka the Bort problem-DPS means nothing if you can't apply it.)

as for statting...

It's supposed to be a short-run vessel from a cancelled programme. This could mean many things, including all of the above paragraphs I just wrote being dead wrong.

So...let us be optimistic.

Hull: 35,000
+5 weps, +10 Aux

Weps: 4f/4r

LTC Eng.
LT. Uni

4 Sci
3 Eng
3 Tac

Capabilities: Sensor Analysis, Subsystem Targeting, Standard Cloak.
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