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I don't usually participate much in the forums (I had an issue, hence posting in the Gameplay Bugs) but I have seen this thread before and wanting to respond...

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Klingons, and getting all of those various minigames would be my main concerns.
I have a simple answer to this I'm surprised no one has brought it up yet. Currently, KDFers can go to Risa if they achieve the required maurading rank. I suggest for the duration of the event, KDF characters who don't have that rank be permitted to enter the Sirius Sector. You can just invent some kind of reasoning, like some "temporary ceasefire" of sorts. I believe that will allow KDFers to participate in whatever summer event that is held in Risa.

Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I assume most people have forgotten what Cryptic has said about "swimsuit" attire.

The basic problem is, based on what we were told and assuming that's still true, the costume models don't support it. Sure, the Orions show skin, but nobody else does. The models weren't designed in a way that the skin is a separate layer, so you can't just slap a bikini on top of it and hit the beach.

Could they fix that? Sure, maybe. But I doubt we'll see that anytime soon, and even if they do I imagine it would be limited to certain races at first.

All that said, I certainly support expanding all of the social areas, including Risa.
I'll be blunt...that "issue with swimsuit attire" is BS! That issue has been resolved since the Mirror universe pack was introduced way back when. Women can have swimwear like costumes just by having the TOS and Mirror universe costume pack, then mix and match (TOS mini skirt and Mirror crop shirt).

The *real* issue, I suspect, is men on the Fed side not allowed for whatever reason to show some skin (be shirtless) by some higher up in Cryptic (and supported by some players) but that particular issue has been discussed not too long ago, which turned out to be ugly (from the infamous Crop Jacket thread).

Nonetheless, if we are to have a Risa event, there should be no more excuse why men can't be shirtless. After all, look at my avatar and sig, the ability exists TODAY, and its just a matter of enabling the "bare chest" drop down in the tailor for it to happen Fedside.  71862

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