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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Your right, I did miss that. So I'll ask again.

How is it fair to gameplay if Heavy Beams have -

1) The same efficiency of power use of a DHC but with a lower drain rate modifier???
2) Do more damage than DHCs ????
3) Have a 240 degree firing arc so movement is no longer as important, even if they are front mount only????
4) And a bonus +5% to Accuracy

Why would anyone use any thing but Heavy Beams? How is that fair and balanced to have weapon that has all the best of DHCs, none of the handicaps and is only for Cruisers?

As to the 10% bonus resistance for Cruisers, I already stated I liked that idea and agreed ,whether Cruisers got the 1-2 point turn rate buff or not.
How is it fair that DHCs fire all shots at their full power while DCs only fire half at full power. And they get +10% crit severity on top of that along with a proc chance boost so that over time they match a DCs proc amount? All for the lousy cost of an extra 2 power drain on your turret damage...

They would still lack any significant burst, they would deal the same amount of damage as regular beams over time (re less than DHCs) and half their shots would still be at low power. I would not use them in place of DHCs ever. I mean the new romulan beam array has zero power drain and I wouldn't replace a single DHC in any of my builds for it even if they did use plasma.

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