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Originally Posted by wirtdd View Post
U know those big guys from any mmorpg with insane muscles, crazy giant axes and not less intimidating spiky armors? I know, i know, logic says that they should kill faster than the skinny magical girls in underwear. But actually they only tank and deal medium/low damage (and save the girls princesses booty).

I understand this is not how we see ST on the tv, but clearly trying to port what a tv show/movie/book say to a game like this is not working at all.

And yes, is not the whole problem, but in STO the thin girls can do anything by their own, there is no need of the other guys.
In any MMORPG I've played, the guy with the big crazy axe was a damage dealer, while the tank would be carrying a fairly modestly sized sword and a shield.

Uh... anyway, if you are talking about the captain classes, then yes I agree; but a tac in a cruiser or science ship is still not as big a deal as a tac in an escort. If escorts were removed from the game, then the relative strengths of the captain classes would probably just add a little flavour, rather than be game changers. The tools to which captain abilities are applied (our ships and weapons) are what make the biggest difference.
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

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