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01-19-2013, 03:15 PM
Okay, seriously, I don't think it's that bad.

For the topic of the thread:
You are telling me there is no way to make a compelling story with Tholians that doesn't involve a Tholian coming out and saying anything to you face to face? There is no conceivable way for you to tell a story or make a mission you think is worthy? I don't know, folks. The Tholians did a wonderful job for me as an entity despite the fact they didn't say much of anything. Whispers of Tholian silk and this group that never really dealt with the rest of the galaxy. They were mysterious and ominous with motives perhaps we couldn't comprehend. They do deal with time travel and multiple dimensions regularly. Oh and the fact they are crystalline entities which apparently use some complex silicon based intellectual hive mind lattus thing is also easy for us to relate to.

You know what, I'd think it would be fascinating to see some of these work arounds used effectively in a story. It becomes more than just an interaction and becomes an interesting plot point. Setting up a way to communicate, using old Morse code via a creature who can't communicate with you. An enemy who is behind a curtain; a mystery villain that doesn't have a face. Or is it even one villain? And again, all this kind of stuff is if you actually need that whole classic dialog communication to take place.

Personally, I like mystery. I also like challenging myself and my storytelling. You may think this is unreasonable, I don't. I think it is exactly what the title says it is, challenge.

Now for what is being said here about the Dev responses to our desires and needs and all that. I want to say that, yeah, it could be better at times. I'd love to finally get that blank UFP or Klingon Empire template for dialogs rather than using "consoles" and I would like a lot of fun features.

But, to those who this applies: you really thing your behavior is going to get you anywhere? Really? I get it, you are involved and enthused but do you think this will give a better response? You don't think this one way "oh the stuff you got us sucks and we don't want any of it" talk will provide you with better things? People complain about a lack of communication and everything and I just look at it like the Jacky Chan head hurt meme.

First off, you don't think they are listening? You don't like the feedback we've gotten from interviews and podcasts and machinima videos? And you haven't seen the stuff they've put down for Neverwinter? I mean, watch those videos, watch the presentation Cryptic did in Europe about developing systems for UGC like what we've got. Tell me that they are not listening to us. I dare you. Tell me they are being cruel and evil and just not uploading content like uniforms or solving the issue with custom liberated borg characters and caitains just because they like watching us squirm.

Did it ever occur you to you that when they make the comments about liking us being creative with limited resources it isn't an excuse but rather they don't want to see a lot of missions with Tholians popping up and explaining all this stuff and turning them from a silent villain with mystery as a cloak to just another cookie cutter mission? I thought we didn't like those types of missions? You don't think they know they already have a problem with the new grinder missions?

I'm not saying we shouldn't be critical, that we should be appeased by every little thing. Criticism makes things better, solves problems, so long as all parties are doing it correctly. But don't grind away the knife by using your sharpening stone wrong here. We've got a dev checking on our bugs now and letting us know they are, we know zero looms through here. It could be worse, it has been worse, we need to keep our heads level and have perspective.

But please, at least preface your concerns with some idea of thanks from time to time. Don't give them two kicks to the junk for every pat on the back. Stop threatening to bite the hand that feeds you. Cause it also feeds me.