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01-19-2013, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by mercurythefirst View Post
A corvette rig? Surely, if you are trying to draw parallells towards cars I would expect better. Even if this particular rig is nowhere near top spec at the moment. In fact my GPU is quite aged. It is basically a hot-running 560Ti, so I'm well aware I need to upgrade my GPU.

I think you will find, that if you actually apply reading comprehension, that I am in fact referring to this game's inability of taking advantage of processor power, and offloading a much too heavy burden on the GPU to what is now considered industry standard.

This is coming from a game developer. I am not some troll sitting in a chair huffing and puffing at this game's makers. I am simply trying to help.

This game is far too new to be operating at this crude level. Too think it was originally designed to be a subscription service tells me someone did not do their job of quality assurance.
Trouble is, we're used to dealing with the aforementioned "huffers and puffers" in this forum. Also, we can't assume that EVERYONE has some sort of developer/tech experience, as many don't reveal that unless they're defending themselves against a comment such as the one this post was defending against.

To summarize: Don't take it personally. We tend to respond largely according to what we've seen so many times, and unfortunately we've heard the argument of "I have this uber rig so it can't be MY problem" way too many times from people who haven't the slighest clue what they're talking about.

Some posters know their stuff. Others wouldn't know their stuff if you googled it for them.
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