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01-19-2013, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
I also be blunt, you just posted BS!

Like it or not the Mirror Universe uniforms are cannon, they belong as much as in the game as the Alternative Future Uniform and your distaste is noted.
My distaste? Who are *you* to judge if something is distasteful or not. What arrogance!

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
The cropped jacket was done for the lulz, its like saying the Seven catsuit should also be available for men, apparently you decided that somehow this is caused by someone being ... how can I put this ... afraid of beefcake when I see PLENTY of shirtless Orion males KDF side.

... Right because we all know the KDF is part of the Rainbow coalition and was ranked as the most LGBT friendly military organization on the Alpha AND Beta Quadrant (the Borg won in the Delta, Resistance is futile)

Yes, it turned ugly because you passing a agenda.

Also the REAL REASON THEY STATED! was because:

They have no way to RESTRICT "Risa-wear" to just Risa, they would have to code a slot to ONLY be active when in Risa, even if there are ways to do that (see the holo disguise in Doomsday Device) they are crude and offer no customization (see the holo disguise in Doomsday Device) that would mean they would not be welcomed by the players that I suspect would have no problems in trowing a fit, complain, complain, complain, BAWWWWing about it and say Cryptic is incompetence.

You choices are this, the creation of the Infamous Bikini Uniform since they have no way to restrict clothing to a particular Social Area or a half-baked solution everyone would complain about because,. its half-baked but hey programers are wizards and not talking about the the 30 year old kind type of wizard.

I give Cryptic crap when they in my opinion deserve, in this case they dont ... you people think this is just pressing some buttons and here it is, Breachware that only exists on Risa/other specific social areas and its NOT.

This wasnt coded to be Star Trek: Extreme Beach Volley and honestly if you want to play a bunch of freaking vacation minigames GO BUY A WII AND PLAY THEN or just go play some free Facebook minigames.
That's BS and you know it! There is no reason why beachware needs to be restricted. Its all about Gender Bias. A female Fed captain can have beachware like uniform (not off duty) TODAY. Men cannot.

I'd also like to point out....yet again, that there are many other MMOs that do not require that beachware, or more accurately, shirtless male toons, be restricted in a zone. This includes sci fi MMOs such as SW:TOR (and SWG before it), as well as Cryptic's own Champions Online (and possibly Neverwinter, based on a screenshot in Massively). Its just for whatever reason, some people have this desire that STO must have some kind of restriction for males only, but for women, apparently not.

I personally have no agenda here, other than wanting an option to be able to dress my characters how I want them to (for now, I use Male Orion Boffs as a work around Fedside).

And guess what, being a shirtless starfleet officer is an intregal part of the Star Trek Lore. Kirk (prime and JJ universe), Spock, Sulu, Picard, O'Brien, Kim, Archer, Trip, Reed and so on have been shirtless in the shows and movies.

And you know what? What's wrong with the 7 of 9 catsuit for men...they have a similar outfit for sale in the TERA's cash shop apparently

Anyway, my gameplay issue has been resolved, so this will be the last I will speak of the subject (for now).

I await to see how Cryptic implements the Summer Event, and hope that they be more fair unlike that travesty with the Winter Crop jackets. If Bioware can rise above the initial gender bias of SW:TOR and treat both genders equally with regards to dress up options, I hope Cryptic can too for STO.  71862