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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
im not sure were you guys are getting this limited use prototype stuff, its clearly a cruiser between the ktinga and vorcha, thats all thats really certain. such a thing most certainly existed within the canon, we just never saw it.

this sci ship and breen ship stuff is kinda bizarre, its gonna be a cruiser theres no question. you just got a sci ship and destroyer in the form of the temporal ships, its been quite a wile since a new cruiser was added. take a look at the ktinga and vorcha, its gonna be somewhere between those 2, with an unused yet station niche. i'll only believe stranger station setups on more alien designs.
Like I said, "Optimistic" as opposed to "gee, yet another cruiser, yawn."

As to the lockbox ****-er, ships, ready?

they really don't count in terms of filling the roster. Honestly. they don't. Going by your logic, the KDF already has a top-end escort because the JHAS comes in a lockbox.

The Krenn is, after all, just a reskin of the Wells with some capabilities gimped, and it has no availability unless someone buys Lockbox keys, just like the Jem ship...
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