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It says all, it was something that never really entered real production, only a few ships were build.

As you mentioned the Breen ship this opens the question of were the Kamarag can fit, we have Tactical Battlecruisers (Vorcha) and Heavy "tank" Cruisers (Negh'Var) so there is a question were this will lie, I do not think its going to be a Science Ship as Federation Science ships because ... well SA and Cloak? we are in the PvP forum so I dont need to say more.

If its going to be a cruiser and much points to that then we have the usual discussion of cruisers, if it lacks tactical stations and its some kind of Negh'Var with a science bend I would say its going to be as welcomed as the Bortas for different reasons.
welll...I suspect the Vesta's perfect cloak doesn't interfere with ITS sensor analysis...but yeah, the probability is that this is going to be a cruiser, and probably on the mediocre side-something for the RP'ers and redundant for everyone else.
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