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01-19-2013, 04:11 PM
Well if they given SA to it and a cloak you know its one minute at 10k before going for a Alpha, even if its just a Lt. Tactical that would really piss off a lot of people that I suspect will not accept anything under a Lt. and a Ens tactical and really want a Lt. Cmdr universal so they can put then in tactical.

Breen Layout would be beautiful but also very broken, I suspect the bare minimum would be a Lt. Cmdr Eng regardless, the jury is out on the Cmdr that I can see it being either Eng or Sci ... Tac, not really because, well very broken.

On the subject of the Vesta I wish Cryptic did what they did with Carriers with the Atrox and make a Vesta-like ship being on the KDF by being one of the Fur ... err ... Vampire Cat people ships, if the Feds got a True Carrier with the furries then the KDF could get a Sci/Escort/Carrier hybrid with their furries.