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Originally Posted by bespin18 View Post
none of what you said made any sense to me lol why no DBB and how does an all energy build make cloak useless? and sorry buy a fed tac build is no good to me considering the feds dont have anything like the BoP
also whats wrong with antiproton weaponry, i figured crit would be a good thing for a tac officer in a BoP?
It would if you were a Tac officer and no dbb because it is not needed .Eergy build makes the battle cloak useless because you can't fire you energy weapons under cloak,where did I say buy Tac build I said I would resec if I were you as you have no points in projectile weapons and stealth.It doesn't matter wether you see my build or not I do do extreme amounts of dps with that.

High Crit maybe nice but it is Torps that do the over all damage and if you want damage get dsiruptors but you still need torps.

I don't think you know much about this ship so you need to read up on it and look at other builds.There is no need for the leet speak as that is agiasnt the board rules.

He may not have the B'rel but it what i would go with on my kdf geer

@mustafatennick I have not and I would never get beaten by any Klink ship in my escorts infact I would defeat you.I will even tell you this I will defeat you in my B'rel with my kdf geer.btw i have posted in several times as i got a kdf geer and orion sci off.

It is just that my main is Fed Tac and Feds make better escorts.

I never use the battle coak.
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