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01-19-2013, 05:31 PM
Holo emitter is a great idea, but you know that it would only last 60 minutes. Honestly, I can't understand how one can argue the continuous existence of the excelsior class but not the connie?!?

As much as I love this game I also find it extremely limiting in many ways; choice of ships to use regularly is one example. If you look at games like Starfleet Academy, etc... from bygone eras now there was no such limitations; you could play as any faction you so chose; and as for weapon and console slots - it was like Christmas morning all over again. Fire all weapons had an entirely different meaning.

Anyways, just saying I love the Connie and am sad I cannot use it for all my space faring missions. Have you guys heard of Star Trek Renegades? Stars Alan Ruck, and several other famous actors from all over the Trek universe. Their explanation for using the original TOS connie was that the weapons were upgraded making the ship a threat to be dealt with even if hull strength was over forty years old. Neat idea....
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