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01-19-2013, 05:23 PM
I was thinking about this.

The Lobi store has Mk XII upgrades of the Tholian set, pretty close to on par with STF gear, for 150 Lobi.

Maybe what Cryptic should do is have 100 Lobi "Upgrade Kits" for the already 50 Lobi store weapons that bring them up to STF Mk XII standards. (And have a 100 Lobi upgrade kit for TOS/Bajoran/other cosmetic weapons.)

The upgrade pack for the Tholian set indicates that they value a COMPLETE Mk XII purple set at 150 Lobi plus EC.

It would make some sense to me if they had a 100 Lobi upgrade kit for the Tholian sword, whip, and Relativity weapons that either upgrades them to a full item set or makes them Elite quality Mk XII weapons.

And it creates a repeatable draw to the Lobi store if, as the game improves, they have upgrades on Lobi items for Lobi.

For example:

Say they do 11 console ships down the road. Maybe the Lobi store could sell you 11 console upgrades of any lockbox ships you own for 100 Lobi and 20k fleet credits.