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01-19-2013, 05:34 PM
I don't think they're intentionally not adding things, but when you take the time to test things on Tribble, find a problem, and then it goes live without being addressed, what does that tell you (and this has happened numerous times)? To me it says, don't waste your time testing on Tribble because we don't pay attention anyway. My time is valuable, too. Why should I bother testing on Tribble if problems I find don't even get addressed?

As far as not listening in general, I believe there is a pretty solid consensus among the Foundry community of several things that are problematic, most of which are probably not that difficult to fix. If someone simply asked what our top 10 issues were, I think that would go a long way to feeling like we're getting heard. Some of our feedback is listened to, but the lack of specific problems being addressed indicates that much is not.

The truth is we have no real idea if our complaints are registering at all, because we often get very little feedback. There are bugs posted in the Foundry Bugs forum for months with no official response. If someone even just said, "We made a note of the issue, and we'll get to it eventually," then that would change things a lot. Just hoping someone out there is actually reading the bugs is not that encouraging, especially because some bugs go unaddressed for many months, or even years, so it's hard to know whether it's simply not been gotten to yet, or if no one even knows about it.

Lately someone in QA has been responding to some issues, which is good. Knowing that something has been noted, means that we can rest assured that it will eventually be addressed, so we don't have to keep acting as the squeaky wheel.

So, I think lack of communication is actually a large part of the problem. We simply don't know what's going on a lot of the time. And we also don't understand exactly what the relationship is between the NW Foundry team and whoever is responsible for porting things over to STO. Knowing a little more about that would also probably help in regards to our expectations.

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