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01-19-2013, 06:44 PM
Data- I theorize the following for the 3rd Anniversery Denise Crosby mission.

I think Cryptic/PWE, will end the war between the Federation and Klingons, since let's face it as Kahn said "We are one big happy fleet". The Feds and the Klingons have been cooperating vs. the Borg and many more things so end the war and heres how.

1. Starfleet will dispatch you the Nerenda 3 to do some mundane task like a supply drop or scan something.

2. The opposite faction gets dispatched too (Klingon) to set up a new base and since both are enemies still we duke it out creating the Nerenda rift pulling us both in since the original was activated by weapons fire

3. In the fight the Romulans have the Enterprise C in a corner and the warbirds ( cutscene) start closing in and Tasha ( played by Ms. Crosby ) dispatches a signal to your vessel asking for help and since you have a habit like any Captain of shirking the Prime Directive you finish off the Warbirds while one escapes with the crew of the ENT C onboard. The Klingons (depending on who you play) will see the heroics and remember the gold ol days and then maybe a step toward peace. The the player ship will persue the Warbird.

4. (Ground Game) You catch up to the Warbird at a Romulan listening post with prisoners and mount a rescue mission. During your raid you encounter Sela's Dad, the Admiral. Plus meet Tasha and Enterprise C crew which includes Castille. Yar wants out but the player explains to her what fate she will have and her daughter Sela's impact. Then you rescue everyone else except her and tell her not to run ( that's what got her executed), since again she died another senseless death. So the timeline is changed with Tasha living with her daughter. Then drop off the crew and go back.

5. Then you end up back in 2409, and meet a much older Tasha on Romulan Flagship investigating the fight you had with the other faction. You chat, say good bye to the ships and leave.

Rewards are the Enterprise C and a revamped Kvort cruiser for KDF

Note: This story is just speculation and what I would do if I made it in the Foundry based upon ST Lore I honestly have no clue except the reward for the Feds.

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