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01-19-2013, 07:13 PM
I've owned a couple business's for years now and one thing I've learned is if my customers are asking for a certain item then it's good idea I provide that item because it will make me money.

Now at the start of things I can understand the Klingon faction being skimpy. The game was rushed out with the KDF uncompleted but after that it has been a deliberate choice not to finish it. Over the years we have heard one reason after another as to why the KDF can't be completed. What really made this hard to swallow was watching costumes, ships, and whatever else being created for the blue side, money/time that could've been spent finishing the KDF faction. Now I know I'm going to hear this from someone posting here and that is "Its a Business Model". The whole reasoning behind "Its a Business Model" is that since there are more players on the Fed side then that's where the money is so they get more content made for them.

Nothing irks me more than the "Business Model" excuse. Let me set the record straight, a "Business Model" it maybe but it was rigged from the beginning so its not a fair representation of said "Business Model". I'm not sure where this phrase originated but folks like to parrot it, especially on the blue side. Those that like to parrot this phrase don't get the whole circular reasoning behind the "Its a Business Model" excuse, so let me try and explain it so everyone can understand. -

Say I owned an orchard and on this orchard I planted 25 red delicious apple trees and 5 johnson apple trees. Now since I planted 20 more red delicious trees than johnson trees then the red delicious are going to be producing far more apples and are going to need more fertilizer, insceticide, etc. than the johnson apple trees. But if I would've planted an equal number of each type of tree I would've had about an equal number of harvest from each, or if I would've continued to plant johnson trees until I got to an equal number of red delicious i would've had an equal harvest from both types.

So you see by not investing into the KDF they have made it as a faction where there will be fewer players. This is where the whole circular reasoning comes in, by not developing the KDF Cryptic has made it what it is and at the same time they use the low player base as an excuse not to invest time/money into it. This kind of thinking is like a dog chasing his tail, it gets you no where. But I think that's what its purpose was to start with, keeping us chasing our tails so we won't complain and there are those who are gullible enough to fall for it. I mean all you have to do is switch the condition of the factions, does anyone actually believe if that was done that the Feds would be in any better shape than what the KDF is now?

Who is to blame? I don't know so I'm not going to be pointing any fingers. All I know is it's a messed up situation and the situation needs rectified. When I 1st heard STO was going to have a Klingon faction I decided then that the KDF was going to be the faction I joined. Unfortunately I had to wait to lvl a Fed character to 6 before I could make a KDF toon. As soon as I hit lvl 6 with my Fed I jumped on and made a Klingon and although I have a couple Fed toons I rarely play them. I associate my STO experience with the KDF side so basically I'm paying for half a faction. And if you're are paying for something you aren't recieving you have a right to complain.