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01-19-2013, 08:27 PM
I actually have an MSI 560 Ti 2GB with 8GB of Ram and a Phenom II quad core...

Everything is set to max..... I am standing at the exchange in the Fed Academy,
  • MSI Afterburner shows 55% to 68% GPU usage
  • Task Manger shows ~50 to high 60's CPU usage
  • /Showfps 1 is reporting 47.11 FPS, I got 45 50ish floating outside ESD.

So I am bit skeptical of getting 60 FPS especially in combat. Also, any game experiences slow downs when a massive amount of spam is introduced, I don't care what you say. Getting to max lvl open's up a world of $#!^ as far as abilities that spam a bunch of spam. The Klinks in SB24 love isometric charge as well as the abundance of fighters that you can't even see half the time unless you are spec'd high in sensors

Also, its easy for a game to make your card generate heat without stressing it. I had to set the frame limiter to 60 because if I walked away and got auto logged out, the log in screen would cycle at 130 140 FPS, bringing the GPU to full usage which would bring my card up to 200c yeah 200... Actually I ran my MSI at 200 for a while when one of the fans died and the other barely spun. I had it in a case with poor airflow... Still ran for weeks though it would throttle itself at 199-200c. Currently it has two 60mm fans zip tied to the heat sink and plugged into the Mobo and it's back in my Lian-Li at a nice 60c
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