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# 1 FPS Lag spikes
01-19-2013, 09:52 PM
Hi, title pretty well explains it. I am getting a rather regular FPS lag spike, it does however seem to be object dependant. The more objects the more often I recieve 4 FPS. It is so bad now that I get this unique form of UI lag every 25 seconds or so in the Sol system.

Now, I used to not have this issue, in fact it is a rather recent occurance, getting progressivly worse with each update. I use an AMD CPU on a rather cheap laptop, as my Desktop can't play the game at all despite having way more then the recomended specifications. However it is AMD as well and I am beginning to wonder if there is some kind of compatability issue at work here.

Please note that I watch the lag spikes with FPSGraph 1, and I can see that it is not a seperate process on my computer, in fact I can watch the Game Client eat my CPU, from a regular 60% all the way to 99%...

Please help, is there a setting or is this a compatiblitiy issue which will prevent me from playing the game now?

Update, a new symptom has appeared, not only are the lag spikes much more common with a Plasma Proc in effect, they seem to dedicate to it.

However, if I open the Main Menu while in game, I will go from 2-3 FPS, to 56 FPS. Then when I close the Menu, I lag again. Is my computer hungry, or is there a way to nerf the UI?

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