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01-19-2013, 10:02 PM
Back to the original idea, I like it, and it's not completely impossible. A number of series have done it before (the only one which comes to mind right now is "Dead Man's Gun" although that's probably not the best example) with limited success. The downsides being finding enough actors who would be willing to do a Star Trek series, although with aliens at least you could just change the make-up and species and it would be harder to tell when they were re-using actors. They could even re-use some characters, in different/parallel stories. In regards to costume costs, as long as they didn't swing around too wildly costumes could be re-used, or at least some bits and pieces could. The plus side would be that there wouldn't be any shortage of stories and it would really take a lot of work to make a series like this repetitive. (as is seen in the example I used earlier, hence why I have reservations about using it)

Over all I highly doubt it will happen (just like I highly doubt anyone on here will ever listen to me ) but here's hoping I'm wrong... (in both regards)