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01-19-2013, 09:08 PM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Yes what I would ideally like to see is the entire hit or miss scrapped. You either hit or glancing hit with that chance being determined by the enemies defense score. Then if you do infact deal a glancing hit the base damage penalty is determined by your accuracy score.

What would be the purpose of that you ask? Simple, the more accuracy your enemy has the less effective your defense becomes and vice versa. However, it also will allow the edges to be rounded off so a ship with 0 defense does not loose half of their effective HP. Because that will never happen I dunno what a good solution would be. I have long past accepted that the base systems and mechanics of this game were never designed to function properly with the amount of power creep each season brings us nor do they seem to care.
Have to agree to an extent with your reply to thissler here.

Personally, I think the standard: Critical Hit, Hit, Glancing Hit, Miss, Critical Miss...would work better than just Hit/Miss with a chance for Crit Hit.

Then again, I think all directed attacks should have some form of hit roll. There needs to be additional resistance/defense rolls added to certain abilities.

Generally speaking, the "combat system" is too simple for how "complicated" combat actually is...

VM for instance (since it's come up a few times). It shouldn't be a simple target and trigger, imo. It shouldn't be a guaranteed hit. There should be additional factors that come into play on if it is successful as well as how successful it is.

One can look at the majority of PvE in the game to see that it's a very "simple" combat system for the most part. The majority of these "issues" tend to arise in PvP, because Player A is using Ability X against Player B using Ability Y... something that simply does not happen in PvE. Not sure if it's something that can be resolved - not sure it's something Cryptic even has on its radar as something that needs to be resolved. It's not an "issue" for the majority of the game nor the majority of the players...STO's just not designed at that level despite there being that abundance of abilities that suggest otherwise.

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And VD this does not just apply in PvP or just to escorts. Even my cruisers in PvE tend to take a significantly higher amount of damage when they are tractored or if I am at full stop. Because I loose an EHP multiplier in my eyes, or a damage avoidance chance if we wish to be literal. Lastly you can infact work a chance based stat into a calculation that is used to determine a number representing an average result of various other things combined. It is done every day around the world for various reasons.
I only brought up the Escort/Cruiser thing in that last post as a response to what thissler had said - because I hadn't brought it up in that manner in my posts (part of the questioning if I was the person actually being spoken to in that particular discussion).

Chance based stats are definitely used all over the place - whether one is talking risk management, shooting craps, etc, etc, etc. But when you're sitting at the blackjack table, have a king and a three - are you looking at probability of getting a card eight or lower...the house having lower than thirteen or possibly going part of your effective wealth?

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Look at it this way, removing an enemies defense score is just as effective as stripping their buffs with a sub-nuke (nearly) when trying to kill them. That is how strong of a multiplier it really is.
I haven't discounted the strength of Defense, though. I have discounted the difference some folks are making out between various ships - it's not a case that some ships are flying around with max Defense all the time while other ships are just sitting ducks.

From that, I've posed the question in regard to balance issues (which I do not think can be resolved because of the complex nature of the team environment)...

Does the actual difference in Defense between various ships - does the actual difference in Resistance between various ships - does the actual difference in Shields between various ships - does the actual difference in Hull between various ships - does the the actual difference in Damage between various ships - and does the actual difference in Debuffs between various ships... does that ever actually approach any semblance of illusionary balance?