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01-19-2013, 10:13 PM
The change to damage is not a problem. It actually is better due to more consistent damage based on your build. Im actually doing more consistent damage with them than before.

...the REAL nerf is to the stealth status. This is a huge problem because in PVE it makes NPC's automatically trigger AOE beams (it didnt do this before) so if you drop mines they are instantly taken out.

If you drop them outside the 2km detect range they have now and hope they fly into them.... the AI will again, insta AOE-beam them when the mines come into detect range.

The only way to make a mine drop work now is to saturate the AI with other things it can shoot at that triggers their auto-beam fire at will attacks...

and that means dropping a breen cluster on them (12 mines) while the tricobalts home in....and even then its damn hard to get a tric hit.

They simply need to reverse the stealth detection nerf and keep the damage nerf.