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01-19-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
Welcome to the last 3 years of the KDF. This is what the KDF has been saying from the begining. It is also one of the reasons I have been adamant against any 3rd faction that wasn't a full faction from the start.

I am not going to criticize why Cryptic did what they did from the start. I am sure they had their reasons, and I am sure they considered everything from the start before they made the decision. But the reality was the KDF was not in the same place as the FED, and yes the result is, in a small company like cryptic, that means you have to prioritize what you do or don't do with the limited resources you have. Which yes, is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Where the numbers aren't there to support content, because the content isn't there to support the numbers.