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Flight control doffs of the Recall variant grant a bonus to the carrier's defense when fighters are set to passive (or recall). With purple doffs, that's 10% per doff, for a maximum of 30% bonus defense.

In my Armitage, that basically makes me unhittable. It's an Engscort, but I rarely have to use my engineer abilities or even Emergency Power to Shields when fighting a single opponent because, well... they don't do much damage due to all the misses.

I find that unbalanced.

My proposal would be to make the number of bonus granted dependent on the number of your fighters flying around, with 10% per doff being the number that comes up when you have 2 hangars and a full 2 wings per hangar out. With every destoyed fighter, that bonus defense should be lowered, down to 0 when there are no fighters out.

What do you think? Or what's your proposal?
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