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01-20-2013, 01:59 AM
I seem to recall the 2nd Aniversary events (test the Odyssey/Bortasqu) had a character level requirement to participate. Something like Lv 5 FED/25 KDF. I presume that will be the case this year; if this year's events require different/higher levels the sooner you let the players know the better. At least 3 of my avatars will have to grind this week to make last year's minimum.

To Members of the STO Forum Community: I know about events with bonus xp; i can't always be on at those times. Mirrior Universe Incursion is min Lv 10. Please, as a favor i ask do not reply with info i already know but cannot use do to my situation (limited time/times i can play, cash for zen...). Thank you.

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