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01-20-2013, 02:15 AM
As I've said before in multiple "T5 [Insert era-specific ship here] plskthnx" threads, I'm willing to accept a T5, say, Constellation...IF it were a skin for the existing Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, a T5 Starbase ship. It already exists anyway, and several other Fleet-version ships have an exclusive skin (Fleet DSSV, Fleet Star Cruiser, etc.), so in essence it's just adding something that it needs anyway. The Constellation and Cheyenne are similar enough in structure and makeup that a retro/semi-retro skin wouldn't be tough to justify. Hell, there's already a "constellation" skin for the default HC, but it doesn't look much like the Picard Maneuver original.

Also, while a T5 TOS Connie is out of the question (blame CBS), I'd probably accept a T5 "Cruiser" (the Excalibur, Exeter, etc.) version, since there's already a T5 Escort and a T5 Science Vessel. May as well bring it over. And as someone mentioned, the Exeter skin is conspicuously similar to the Abrams version of the Enterprise anyway.

But the T5 Miranda....hmmm. I'd only accept THAT if a 4th, 25th-century-style skin were made for it. It's already kind of a ripoff that the Fleet Excelsior has no 3rd skin (limited to the original + movie skins), so it's adding value to match existing ships.