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01-20-2013, 03:59 AM
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You mean the Emergency Power to Foo abilities? Reducing the cooldown times by more than 33% is meaningless since that would get you down to the global cooldown minimum. Doing that would mean cruisers would be able to use a single copy of an Emergency Power ability as often as if they had two copies.

An interesting idea. Though I wonder how much this would really help when it comes to damage output. Emergency Power seems to have a very buggy relationship with weapon power drain. I don't think anybody is seriously complaining that cruisers aren't tough enough, rather the problem is their ability to kill things efficienty.
EPtW has a substantial effect on damage output in a cruiser running BAs, even after the 5 second damage bonus has worn off. Every cruiser build I have uses EPtW2 rather copiously and liberally. I am of the mind of "If it doesn't work properly, throw energy at it until it does". Which ironically works well with my fave main toon, an engi. And a cruiser with EPtW2 (+~30 weapons power) can negate the effect of 3 BAs right there, and if my DCEs are kind and proc, I get the EPtW back as soon as it wears off. If my WCE is kind and procs, my weapon power skyrockets. It's wonderful.
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