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# 1 Placate stacking
01-20-2013, 05:18 AM
With the last season there arrived many mechanics that were rushed and poorly-tested at best. The original Tier 4 shield heal comes to mind, as do both the Embassy DOffs and BOffs (it's quite astounding that the same mistake was made twice in such rapid succession). I also think human BOffs need another look at but that's still up in the air at the moment.

By far the most frustrating aspect introduced was the Tier 4 Romulan placate. Along with the decision to introduce placate DOffs and a decoupling of the KHG shield from the exclusive purview of the KDF, we now have a situation where placates can rather easily be stacked onto one another to not only overcome the RNG but create a reliable, zero-cost defense. On top of that, there's a Tier 5 cloak toggle which passes the line of the excessive into the absurd. We didn't need cloaks on every ship before and we don't need them now.

The potential for stacking different sources is a nightmare but the placate itself is no joke either. A supposed immunity was put in place, however it doesn't appear to be functioning correctly (I've FRAPsed footage of the debuff reapplying twice in the span of ~7 or 8 seconds), and it only provides immunity for one player, meaning the rest can still be constantly placated by the thing (this also cuts short one potential counter for the placate: taking target from allies).

While irritating for players who need to keep an arc with their weapons or abilities, this nerfs pure Sci ships the most; SA breaks on the placate if you don't reacquire target fast enough. It's also just plain silly, and with all the projectiles and plasma and people dipping in and out of vision constantly, the game feels like an utter visual mess.

I urge the developers to reconsider the passives, the Romulan placate in particular. There are two solutions:

1. Disable all Reputation passives in PvP, in the same manner that TC allegedly works (I personally prefer this option);

2. Apply a real, hard-lasting immunity to the proc and lower the proc rate by an order of magnitude. It procs far, far too often for the cost it involves in taking it (none).

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- Shim

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