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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Seems odd that it doesn't work that way as is...hrmmm.

(A)Accurate, 9 pts Targeting, ACCx3 vs (B)Elusive, 9 pts Maneuvering, Speed>=24 = 13-20% chance to miss

(A) vs. (B) +30 (if flat bonus) = 31-36% chance to miss

16-18% additional chance to many cases doubling the chance to miss.

And it's not taking into account APO, EM, SFM, etc...

Also, it's not taking into account the effect that CritPlacs, BeingCritPlacs, potential of using FKHG, regular ol' placs/etc also reducing the number of shots being fired...

In the past week or two, I've seen a couple of Vo'quv - a few Karfi - a few Atrox - and a couple of Vestas running shield drones on themselves. For the most part, it's still the ASD and ADR stuff going on...

It's funny, in thinking about the Vesta as the better RSV - about thinking about using the hangar as a Defense bonus for the RSV while you go about having that improved RSV fun and taking fewer hits...hrmmm.
While I agree with the OP that this is probably not working as intended, I think what Antonio is saying is that +30 Def on the ships that could potentially use pet commands isn't really a big deal. You'd be giving up a lot of CC/damage, DOff slots and awkwardly wasting your pets for the sake of a resist.

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