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01-20-2013, 06:41 AM
There's the DOFF, the OnCrit Passive, the OnBeingCrit Passive, the Rep Cloak, the KHG Shields for both KDF/Fed, Jam Sensors...Scramble Sensors...AMS... I forgetting anything that dorks with targeting-placates, confuses, perception, etc?

With the happening more often than 12s thing, I think a lot of folks have noticed that. My question, though, is it possible that somebody's got both the OnCrit Passive and the OnBeingCrit Passive?

So, they're doing a Plac when they Crit you and they're doing a Plac when you Crit them? That the "immunity" is only specific to the same particular ability/plac? So, you could end up with multiple Placs taking place at different times - as each deals with their individual (or small group) immunities but without there being any global immunity?

In general though, CC shows a somewhat underdeveloped nature of the game compared to other games. When STO came out, there was plenty of information available from what other games had done (including the mistakes they felt they made) - in the interim - it's been even further refined in other games that have been around or new games that came out and paid attention to what the games before them did.

As more and more has gotten lumped in...the issues, such as this, become more and more apparent.

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