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01-20-2013, 07:05 AM
lol you guys make it seem like it would be hard to make future and past ships collide, we venture into the past all the time on this game and maybe into a the future and the easiest way to solve it all is to just simply BLAME Q, whenever something weird happens he is at the heart of it or somewhere in the background.

Personally I think the ship is hidious but theor are a lot that like the TOS ships i mean jebus thos things are ugly...

I like THG ships but no mater how you slice it dice it cut it in quarters a cruiser will always take a back seat to an escort so why not give people what they want and make up some weird Q based fan fiction as to why it's doing this or that.

Heck aren't the Undine infiltrators? Can't they cause a rift in the solidarity of the federation and cause a civil war as to why these old ships are then refitted and retro fitted with the top of the line sensors and weapons and improved armor because they have no choice but to be used. IT would be nice to turn Fed's into two warring factions. One side will side with the federation command and subsequently side with the Undine without knowledge and the other side would see it for what it is and there you have an answer aswell.

Let's see, borg always go back in time, janeway went back in time, tng went back in time spock, so many people go back and forwards through time their should not be a reason why the past and future shouldn't be able to collide in a temporal anomaly right?

But then again all i know about star trek is from a few movies a few episodes and this game so meh.