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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
While I agree with the OP that this is probably not working as intended, I think what Antonio is saying is that +30 Def on the ships that could potentially use pet commands isn't really a big deal. You'd be giving up a lot of CC/damage, DOff slots and awkwardly wasting your pets for the sake of a resist.
Lol (not at you or Antonio), but a lol at me. So I went for a smoke before deciding to see what this actually did - and - on my toon with a carrier, I looked at my DOFFs. I was still sporting my FDOs while in a Chel - I didn't even notice anything was wrong. That's sad.

So I grabbed a Vo'quv with my Tac (Elusive, 9 pts Maneuvers).

33/25 Eng Power, 17.6 Impulse...and she's sitting at 54% bonus Defense.

I equip a single Green (5%) FDO-Recall. Before I deploy any fighters, I toggle Recall, and... Defense starts flipping back and forth between 59% and 64%. Again, that's a 5-10% bonus flipping back and forth...without any fighters launched. All I did was toggle Recall (without any fighters out).

I launch a wing - it's still doing the 59/64% dance. I launch the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wings - it's still doing the 59/64% dance.

So it's giving a 5-10% bonus whether I have 4 wings or 0 wings launched, as long as I'm in Recall mode.

Okay, even though I'm cheap and didn't want to spend much for this experiment - I drop out the second Green (5%) FDO-Recall.

It's bouncing 64%/74%.

Can't tell if that's just a visual glitch or if one second it's 64% and the next second it's 74%..before going back to 64% the next second. It's literally dancing like that.

I relogged, but no - it's doing the same thing.

Two Green (5%) FDO-Recall DOFFs... no fighters launched but set in Recall... is taking her Defense from 54% to a dancing 64%/74%. So it's a visual glitch...or every other second I'm looking at a double bonus from the DOFFs without even having any fighters launched.
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