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01-20-2013, 06:29 AM
The decision to tank the KDF wasn't about prioritizing because of financial woes because before Cryptic pleaded empty pockets it was "We ran some polls and people dont want to play a Klingon". Where were these polls held? Who was asked to participate? No one on the forums knew. So it went from we didn't have time to no one wants to play a klingon to we were broke. Again the financial reasons do not hold water when you have hundreds of folks posting asking for more stuff for the KDF, just for grins scroll back through the forum posts and check it out. You can either make your money from one faction or you can invest into both and make your money from both. They could've developed content for the factions on 1 to 3 basis, 1 KDF thing to 3 Fed things and they would've ended up making more money in the long run. I refer back to my apple tree scenerio. Also if they have money for a new title, NWNO, then there was money for the KDF to be completed. They could've have completed the KDF then started on NWN so again it isn't about financial. They use the financial spin to justify throwing the KDF under the bus and when that doen't hold up its their double secrete polls.