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Don't forget you can have 3 part MEF bonus as well. MEF is chainable w/4 people iirc.
2 Armitage + 3 Vesta with KHG. Doesn't matter if pets are out - so pets out to act as chaff against FAW/CRF/TS/mines for additional "defense". Run all five as Torp/Mine boats (Vesta with the rear BA for BTs) - so you can 25 Weapons. Mix of Trans/Plasma for hull eating goodness. PWOs wouldn't be as much of a concern. With the chaff pets, additional Defense bonus, higher shield regen/resists...could drop the SDO/BFI DOFF(s). 2-3 FDO/Recall and 2-3 various Tac/Sci boosting DOFFs. Overall reduced need to BOFF defensively/healing and the ability to BOFF more offensively/more annoying Sci goodies. PlacOnCritProc and other Sci breaking goodies to kill tractors. Rom Sci Consoles, Rom Tac BOFFs, a Human BOFF... toss in some Theta and...

...yeah, I know - I'm out there at the convenience store across the street from the parking lot next to left field drinking a diet Mountain Dew Big Gulp and watching a butterfly go by.
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