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Hi there, finally getting up to tier 4 and 5 respectively on the tier system and seeing the high costs to purchase items. Now i'm not complaining about the costs to purchase the special items like the hyper torpedo or Experimental Plasma beam. But the dil costs for the space and ground weapons once unlocked. 28k per item for mk 12 space weapons, thats 30 elite stf runs without converting omega marks/BNP to dil and 4 days with the 8k cap having to wait to buy one item.

Also grinding out rommie marks. the mini missions on New Romulus have a way to long cool down 20 hrs before being able to replay. The tag eppoh i understand as it can reward 400 marks for the time invested. However i think a more realistic cool down of 4hrs would be better suited to these missions or increase the mark reward from 10 -25.

I can earn in 12 mins playing a elite stf a minimum of 75 omega marks for 1 missions. to earn 70 marks on New Romulus i have to play 7 missions each taking between 5-10 mins.

So essentially cut the cool down or increase the mark reqwards slightly. the New romulus research you get from some of the missions 3 traded in for 5 or 15 marks if it crits but 20 hr cd.

Crazy timers on these esp when you compare the ease and less time it takes to earn omega marks.