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01-20-2013, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
The decision to tank the KDF wasn't about prioritizing because of financial woes because before Cryptic pleaded empty pockets it was "We ran some polls and people dont want to play a Klingon". Where were these polls held? Who was asked to participate? No one on the forums knew. So it went from we didn't have time to no one wants to play a klingon to we were broke. Again the financial reasons do not hold water when you have hundreds of folks posting asking for more stuff for the KDF, just for grins scroll back through the forum posts and check it out. You can either make your money from one faction or you can invest into both and make your money from both. They could've developed content for the factions on 1 to 3 basis, 1 KDF thing to 3 Fed things and they would've ended up making more money in the long run. I refer back to my apple tree scenerio. Also if they have money for a new title, NWNO, then there was money for the KDF to be completed. They could've have completed the KDF then started on NWN so again it isn't about financial. They use the financial spin to justify throwing the KDF under the bus and when that doen't hold up its their double secrete polls.
My Point, And understand this is purely speculation on my part, I don't work and have never worked for Cryptic so I have no idea on what was or was not discussed or what decisions were or were not made, is that when you have limited resources (keep in mind the double staff figures are the 50+ members, meaning when STO started they most likely had a meager 25 dev, across all departments) You have to figure out how to best use those resources.

It would be nice to cater to every group, but if you have 10 costumers, and 8 want one product and 2 want another, and you can only reasonable make one, are you going to make the product for the 2 or the 8 and hope that with the extra money you can get to the 2.

I am not saying it is an ideal situation, far from it, but I do understand prioritizing what makes the most money vs what doesn't. You can argue they whys and hows all you want, but the reality is there are far fewer KDF players then there are FED players. Do I believe the lack of attention has anything to do with that? I said as much my last post.

Again, what ever the reasons, KDF doesn't make as much money as the FEDs at this point. The result is, when you have a limited number of resources, you do what is best for the company, and any company that is going to be making as much money as you can, as effectively as you can. Currently, that resides in the FED. Do I believe a full KDF faction could change that, Yes I do. Again, I have said as much and used it as a reason to want only full factions from here on out.

It is my sincerest hope that with the increase in resources Cryptic now has, they can begin to work on the KDF and build it up, but I am not going to blame or reharp on them for past mistakes, It helps no one and isn't going to get things any better.

Cryptic has said Season 8 will hold big things for the KDF, and that players/fans "Will be happy". As I have said, I am on a "Pics or it didn't happen" stance. If I see it, I will believe it and give Cryptic their due. If I don't, it isn't like it is anything new, so why stress or whine about it.