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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
5) Satisfies everyone else because it's not *really* a T5 Connie

That seems a little silly. Is that really your motivation to keep TOS ships out of the game? Would it somehow cheapen the quality of the game, or really make you want to quit in the disgust if you saw a larger classic ship flying around?

Oh and as long as op is listing off obscure old ships I'd like to add the ark royal and Yamato class ships from the star fleet command games, that Yamato class was a beast.
YES! The Yamato. Fond memories

The FASA ship recognition manual has some excellent models, as well, like this one that they call the 'Continent' class

That think looks very, very mean, in my eyes.

I'd love to see some more obscure races from SFC/Star Fleet Battles, as well, but I know that's far less than likely. It would be great to have a new sector open up with a story arc about the Lyran/Hydran war, with the Mirak (or Kzinti, if you want to call them that ) also appearing as a new enemy. If you had it is a proxy war, with the Klingons supporting the Lyrans and the Federation supporting the Hydrans, it could have a great TOS cold war feel to it....

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