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01-20-2013, 11:34 AM
Though it may, on the surface, look to be as simple as slapping mobs inside each other?s attack circles and using triggers to make them appear (and thus start fighting), staging mass combats is actually one of the trickier things a foundry author can pull-off.

It can be very difficult to predict the outcomes of such battles unless one side markedly out-guns the other. I use a lot of them, including some that begin so they are in-progress once the player arrives on scene. Indeed, to avoid using the warp-in effect which starts cycling very fast once the fighting ends and looks uber-sloppy, it is often best to do so. Having enemies warp-in to a battle is usually okay since they will be dead once the combat is over; allies create a problem since they start doing it once the fighting stops.

On one mission where I did this I was constantly getting reviews saying that a final battle was way too hard or way too easy. It would just depend how things went and how long it took the play to get to and enter the battle. It is always a balancing act and always an imprecise one. Experimentation and a massive number of live test runs is the only real solution there.