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01-20-2013, 12:27 PM
Again if there is money to be made by investing and the forum posts assure us of this fact then it is wise to throw some time/money that way. The financial woes came about because they decided to develope a 3rd title rather than finish the last one. That's where the limited resources come from and why the KDF faction was thrown under the bus. But that still wasn't a good enough reason not to invest a fraction of those resouces into the KDF that the blue side was recieving. It had nothing to do with one faction being larger than the other as the reason for the Feds getting all the goodies. They used that as an excuse. If they would've funneled some of those resources into the KDF they still would've made money. It doesn't matter if you get 98% of you income from the blue side and 2% from the red or if you invest a bit in the red side and get 20% from them and 80% from the blue in revenue you're still making the same amount of money. Somewhere at the top of the corporate ladder someone made a conscious decision to not develope the KDF and as we all know corporate decisions are dicey at best. So instead of leaving these decisions to the EP, Devs, and KDF community they decided to step in and throw us all under the bus. I believe from the start Dan was fighting for the KDF faction, he would come out time and again and say they had something in the works for the KDF only for it to tank. I don't think a man of his stature would purposely make himself look like a fool, someone above did that and cut him off at the knees. This maybe why he left for a bit, this may have given him time to rethink a plan of attack to get the KDF back in production. The last part is only specualtion but it fits the series of events that have unfolded.