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01-20-2013, 12:28 PM
the wish list have been many miles long for over tree years for both the ambassador class and the ka'vort ever since star trek online bata. the ambassador the third anniversry ship could be somewhat more popular because the ambassador class was mention in season on st tng as being walker ship and showed up on both st tng yesterday enterprise and in ds9 polot episode.

it is a little disapointing that the starfleet is getting the ambassador class while the klingons are getting a proto vorcha hybirde which is mixed with k'tinga and vorcha instead of the ka'vort battle for star trek online third anniversy.

maybe if st tng yesterday's enterprise was not put rushed diet and give a proper 3-4 week the ambassador might have been closer to andrew probet's ambassador class and the ka'vort wing might have been replaced 2 proto vorcha's with sto klingon hybirde k'tinga.