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# 23 Visuals Need Work
01-20-2013, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
On the contrary

* Optional accolades are bugged
* Optional visuals unlocks are bugged
* Previous set visuals are bugged

Pick a number and get in line
You have got that right about the visuals. I have been wearing the omega XI and it is crisp clean and very detailed. I went to look at my Maco XI is TERRIBLE. So blurry you can barely make out the Star Fleet badge on the front. I thought maybe by clearing it and build it from scratch would make a difference. It didn't. I just hope the Maco XII isn't the same way. I just bought the personal Shield and armor and will probably have the rifle tomorrow. It is going to be a big disappointment if it is just as blurry.

I also agree that it is kind of double dipping having to pay to unlock the costume. I mean after spending all that time doing the ESTFs and earning the gear, then you have to pay for the visuals? It is not really an award if you have to pay for it.

Imagine if Nascar was that way. Jimmie Johnson wins the Daytona 500 and once he gets to victory lane they make him pay for the

Just something else to add to my list of things that irritate me about Season 7