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01-20-2013, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by sololionman65 View Post
The HP regen from hazard emitters + using aux to structural integrity is going to equal or exceed engineering team

This is incorrect. If you go balls to wall on hull heals, then you slot Maintenance Engineer doffs. Two purples will bring your engineer team down to the global minimum, and since we're throwing around level 3 teams (you mentioned sci team 3), it's worth pointing out that engineering team 3 will restore over 10K hitpoints... Every 15 seconds, for no cost in power. Aux2SIF is a great healing ability for cruisers, but it's only going to come close to that kind of healing if you use Aux2SIF3 (slotted a tier higher) and run maximum Aux power. Hazard emitters will restore more per activation if you're running maximum Aux power, but HE is not only a heal-over-time instead of a reactive heal it also has a pretty long cooldown.

So. Sorry. Engineering Team is pretty much the most efficient way to restore a lot of hull points and given that it also removes all mechanical debuffs and disables, I'd say it pulls its weight.