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Technically, it was never stated anywhere that the Constitution class as a whole was being retired; the Enterprise may simply have been decommissioned due to wear and tear.

We also don't know that the Excelsior was meant as a replacement for the Connie; the two classes may well have continued serving alongside each other in different roles.
Enterprise was a flagship ship. With the move from the Constitution to the Excelsior, the Excelsior replaced the Constitution as the flagship ship. Doesn't mean that all Constitution vessels were automatically decommissioned. Some would have continued in their current roles until replaced, some would have served in other roles, etc, etc, etc. Starfleet couldn't just wave a magic wand and replace all their ships.

Even there, the lower production costs and operating expenses of the Miranda better suited the majority of the secondary roles that a Constitution might have found itself would have been illogical to continue manufacturing the class.

Moving along into the TNG+ timeline, we know that certain higher ranked Starfleet officers continued to use Excelsior class vessels as their "personal" flagships. Constitution vessels on the other hand...?

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Lastly, we don't know for a fact that the Connie refit was universal; it's not uncommon for ships to be put in mothballs against some future need. Such ships may well have skipped the refit, due to it being too much trouble and expense for ships that are not in active service.
Obviously unless needed, there would have been ships that would not have been refit. There were newer ships as well as ships with less operating expenditures where those resources would have been better allocated.

Likewise, ships that were mothballed may have been cannibalized for parts - stripped for raw resources - or simply crashed into an ocean on some water planet to create artificial reefs...

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It's possible to rationalize just about anything, if you put a little effort into it.
Rationalization is often a defense/coping mechanism for when somebody is unwilling or unable to accept the reality of a situation, the potential consequences of decision, or to try to justify something...where they need to put that effort into it.

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