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this will be helpful.
My kdf has run into some issues with expertise for projects i spent quite awhile running around defera invasion simply because 1 gives xp 2 quick to do them few mins run to next so on but still took awhile to get enough needed elite stfs give some but not enough replying missions the time it takes 1 reply i can do 4 defera easy with twice as much rewarded exp. will be ble to do stfs and get enough from kills with this event to do rep and get dilithium without them seperating/taking more time to do both. very helpful indeed ty
Thanks for reminding me I'm not sure when or why but the Defera Invasiion was revised to have it be Lv 50-only. Or the stowiki's wording threw me off...
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The Borg Invasion of Defera is a level-50 adventure zone in which the Borg Collective launches a massive attack on the planet Defera Prime to assimilate Preserver technology.
I tested it and my Lv 2 sci was able to get there and accept missions. TY loverofwars! I haven't done Defera in so long i nearly forgot about it!

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