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01-20-2013, 01:59 PM
Tac Team is a must. FBP doesnt help your team at all. Smart players will just switch targets. As a science ship, its almost your responsibility to carry some high level heals like TSS III. Just like as an escort its your responsibility to be are running DHC since.

GW II should be a III if you can train it (or get a friend to). IMHO Plasma doesnt do a whole lot, plus its DoT, plus it can be cleared by the borg set and HE. If you want to deal hull damage use transphasic. Get the Breen Torp/Mine launcher for spike damage and rapid fires (used with doffs) for sustained damage.

Id go with a APB myself, but THY is still viable. Just make sure you do have that Tactical Team I.

If you are going to the transphasics, use a max Aux setting which will increase you heals and increase the GW damage.

Have the beam array at the back and 3 rapid fire torps up front. So when you want to use subsystem targeting, all you need to do is bank a little bit.

You spec could do with some tweaking.

Im not going to go into every detail. You had a lot of "expensive" skills that dont give you a whole lot in return. For instance Energy weapon specialization, and the warp core skills. The warp core skills and Performance skills only give 1 more power after 6 ranks. With those saved points, you could put the points in threat control (for the armor) and projectiles since you are using torpedoes.

If you wanted more PvP advice, you might want to post in the PvP forums

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