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01-20-2013, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by sigil000 View Post
Thanks for reminding me I'm not sure when or why but the Defera Invasiion was revised to have it be Lv 50-only. Or the stowiki's wording threw me off...

I tested it and my Lv 2 sci was able to get there and accept missions. TY loverofwars! I haven't done Defera in so long i nearly forgot about it!
the wiki seems to be a bit off on this but you can go to defera with a lower character then 50 your fighting level powers abilitys health shield armor weapon are boosted to 50 level to allow you to combat the borg without being at a dissadvantage they are less powerful then 50 but still boosted enough for level 5s to do the hards without too much difficulity. and you can still get the borg mark x weapons from the rewarded hard boxes so a good start later levels on weapons armor shields alot of fun and you are most welcome