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01-20-2013, 02:00 PM
1). An honest to god, color change for the target [map] locator circle; it does not show when zoomed out and is the same background color of the terrain, zoomed in.
2). A margin increase for the ships entering space battles, and not right on top of the battle. Enough space to include all ship types and the time it takes to allow every player to see a battle and set-up for it with their different ships. 1 location suits all, is wrong.
3). Bring the most used items for ground battles to my team at the top of the replicator list; you know the three major items that are at the bottom of the list now, or allow a pinning of items to be top selected, or make an auto-buy feature for my items.

1).I have a level 50 character and really want to stop being asked to go on missions. I do not need to be asked, or have the tutorials listed, in my list or have characters I wish to have nothing do do with ask me.
2). Reaching level 50 and being cut-off from building my skills is a no-win topic; why not let players at 50 get the re-spec for free? It would become dynamic!
3). A list of frequented destinations that allow a player to go to at the touch of a button, auto-pilot. This includes a jump between blocks.

1). A S.T.O. mission list* that excludes all missions from the M category, show levels or tiers or edit the current list.
2). An actual beam to target feature for stuck BO's or for mission planning.
3). The ability to select a BO and use that officer in a single task and leave the other 3 for later selection; like a BO has the ability to use stealth and be located somewhere and then after the remaing 3 BO's are use then implemented as a strike group (ground-based only mode).