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01-20-2013, 03:08 PM
I agree with these points. I hate Cryptic's refusals to repackage items. I'm sure there's alternatives if a person encounters a ship they don't like or has a flaw.

I'll use my case for example. Before they patched the issue, the Tholian Widow Fighters used to say they could load cannons, but they in fact could not. I ordered Cryptic to repackage it, or send me a packaged version and I would delete the ship in my ship list, or supply me with a refund for the Exchange price I purchased it for. They refused all three. (Luckily someone listened and fixed the ship so it could load cannons)

It's absolutely ridiculous that ships can't be repackaged in this game. I agree with sourlemonz82's proposal. Even a chance-based repackaging is better than none.

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