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01-20-2013, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by blackbird1001
True, hopefully they are working on it now.....also, has anyone tried to obtain the complete Mk 12 sets with the new system? Just wondering if that would work....
It does not. I got the complete mk XII MACO set through the reputation system, and it didn't unlock the basic mk XII visuals.

Seeing as the costume options are kind of the whole point, I am not going to spend another unit of dilithium on any of these sets, or any effort on filling in the gaps in my optional accolades, until I see an assurance these accolades have been fixed in the patchnotes. For all we know, this'll go the way of the cloaking device, where it'll get some attention once all our alts are Fleet admirals and kitted out with Mk XIV gear.