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01-20-2013, 02:23 PM
Efficient Captain won't give you that critical of an advantage... it's Elusive and Accurate that are the strongest traits, as far as I know.

If you want to keep your shields up in a cruiser, use two copies of "Emergency Power to Shields" (Engineering bridge officer skill) and put as much Expertise (bridge officer experience) as you can towards them. With full Expertise, they last for 30 seconds, and one copy has a 45 second cooldown, but sets only a 30 second cooldown on the other. It'll boost your Shield power rating by a lot more than Efficient Captain would have, as well as offering additional damage reduction to the shields. "Transfer Shield Strength" (Science bridge officer skill) and "Tactical Team" (Tactical bridge officer skill) are others to look into to keep your shields up. The former also heals and toughens your shields, while the latter makes sure that whatever shield facing is getting hit gets most of the power.
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